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RoadScape eHorizon Module

RoadScape > eHorizon Module

RoadScape eHorizon incorporates all the features and benefits of the GPS Module - PLUS an advanced map and electronic horizon processing algorithm which provides key horizon data to vehicle control systems, enabling applications such as Power management, Transmission control and Driver warning.

All the benefits of RoadScape GPS Module

  • Antenna, GPS chipset, message management MCU
  • Publishes a GPS solution with Dead Reckoning to CAN bus
  • Information available to multiple units such as Navigation, E911
  • 2m accuracy at 2σ in open sky conditions
  • Full message set including

Additional eHorizon benefits:

  • Ethernet connection options
  • External GPS antenna provided
  • Full ADASIS 2.X compliant
  • Customizable message content
  • WiFi and BT capable
  • CAN capable